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Edinburgh Guardianship Lawyers

Edinburgh-guardianship-lawyersWe are Edinburgh guardianship lawyers who have been advising clients on all things related to executry law for many years now. Our firm are one of the most experienced and highly thought of guardianship lawyers in Scotland and indeed Edinburgh. Let us guide you through the legal process involved in obtaining a guardianship order in Edinburgh for when there is no Power of Attorney in place.

Edinburgh guardianship lawyers – when would I need your services?

As a firm of Edinburgh guardianship lawyers sadly, and more often or not as a result of an accident or sudden illness people are all too often unable to manage their own affairs.

Where there is no power of attorney in place especially after an accident or as a result of a sudden or unexpected illness where a person has become incapable or as we know it the legal term for this is “incapacity”. A term used if a person is not able to look after their own affairs in the eyes of the law, we may need an intervention order or a guardianship order to be put in place.

A guardianship or intervention order can be granted by the court when a person becomes incapable of managing their financial affairs and there is no power of attorney in place, a guardianship order grants an ongoing power to manage a person’s affairs, whereas an intervention order deals with a specific issue which has come to light, suddenly or unexpectedly. Being specialist Edinburgh guardianship lawyers we can help make an application to the court for a guardianship order, a Guardianship order falls into two main categories: Welfare powers and property/financial powers. Welfare powers apply to most personal issues such as residence, healthcare and contact with others etc. Property and financial powers obviously apply to the person’s property and finances. So things like: bills; pensions; investment, the buying and selling of property etc. It is obvious when dealing with such delicate matters to appoint a firm of Edinburgh guardianship lawyers like ourselves who are experienced in this particular type of law.

Edinburgh guardianship lawyers – advice

As a leading executry law firm our Edinburgh guardianship lawyers can help advice on things such as who would be appointed under a guardianship order, is it possible to have more than one person appointed and what powers should each person have. Legally speaking, anyone can be appointed a guardian. In Edinburgh it is the court who appoints guardians and as such, the process can be difficult and complex, so why not book a consultation today with a leading Edinburgh guardianship lawyers firm?


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