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justice-executor-legal-righsExecutor – Your Will and Estate

Asking someone or a family member to be your Executor is sensitive, some people may feel honoured, and some may feel like its a burden they would rather not have.  Families can be very tense when it comes to money, estate and/or trust funds.  They may be under an illusion that certain family members are entitled to more than others.  Regardless, it is a very stressful time after someone passes for all concerned.

It is advisable to draw up your final Will and then decide who will be the Executor of the details contained within.  You must get the person to sign to say they agree to execute this when you are gone, and we will hold this in our office files.  The person will have our help, every step of the way, but they will possibly be the bearer of good or bad news, depending what is in your estate to be divided up.

Any debt would need to be paid before any money is paid out, this can mean selling properties, cars, selling goods etc.  The role of an executor is to work in partnership with our Executry Legal Solicitor to help communicate and divide things as per the loved one’s wishes. 

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We try to make this as stress-free as possible.  Emotions can be raw, but we do try to prepare you for the difficult next few weeks.  Usually it will take a few months to tie everything up, if not longer.  However, this is our job, day in, day out so we will help you as much as possible.  If you would like to get this Executor Legal Document drawn up, please make contact on either Edinburgh 0131 510 5764 or Glasgow 0141 280 2067, the cost of this service will be discussed at the appointment.