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Power of Attorney Scotland

power of attorney scotlandNeed advice on power of attorney Scotland? Are you searching for power of attorney lawyers in Scotland? Our Edinburgh based executory lawyers have huge experience in legal power of attorney Scotland, so if you are looking for some advice on power of attorney in Edinburgh, power of attorney Glasgow, power of attorney in Aberdeen or power of attorney in Dundee our legal experts are here to help.

Power of Attorney Scotland

Legal power of attorney Scotland covers the whole of the country. So what is power of attorney in Scotland?

A PoA (power of attorney) lets you put in place what you want an appointed person to do for you in the future. This written document should be in place should you become incapable of making decisions about your own affairs. Power of attorney Scotland requires this document to be signed by a power of attorney solicitor or lawyer who is registered to practice law in Scotland or by a UK medical doctor. Our registered lawyers can assist in the drafting of a PoA.

Types of power of attorney in Scotland;

Continuing PoA – helps deal with money and/or property

Welfare PoA – gives powers to make decisions around health or personal welfare matters

Combined PoA – gives continuing and welfare powers

Who gets involved in a power of attorney (PoA) in Scotland.

Anyone over 16 can make a PoA in Scotland, but they need to be able to understand what they are doing by granting this.

Granter – the person wishing to grant powers to another person.

Attorney – the person who is appointed by the granter to make decisions.

Substitute attorney – this is a person who the granter has chosen to take over in the event that the attorney can’t.

Sender – the person, usually a solicitor or lawyer, who has taken responsibility to submit the PoA for registration.

Specified person – up to 2 people can be nominated in the document and be issued with a copy of the registered PoA.

Power of attorney Scotland

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