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Rebuke Being Power Of Attorney

rebuke-being-power-of-attorneyOur highly experienced team of executry lawyers are her to help with all things related to power of attorney. If you are looking to rebuke being power of attorney or set up power of attorney or simply need advice on living power of attorney our law practice has many years of experience in these matters and have been advising the people in Edinburgh for decades.

Rebuke being power of attorney – What is involved?

Setting up Power of Attorney in the first place is an important part of planning for your future. It provides a safeguard for anyone who becomes incapacitated because you will already have chosen a person or group of people giving the power to act on your behalf or if you have already got power of attorney set up we can help rebuke being power of attorney.

Normally people believe that power of attorney is for the elderly however becoming unable to look after your own affairs can happen to people of all ages. In Edinburgh all adults, people over the age of 16, when they become incapacitated, unless they have granted authority to someone else through the process of appointing an Attorney, no one else can make decisions or act on their behalf.

Quite simply a power of attorney involves the writing of a legal document where a person appoints a person or persons, called the attorney, to make decisions on your behalf, these decisions or powers can be decided by the person offering attorney and would generally include the authority to deal with their financial and property affairs and also their personal welfare. It is never too early to make a Power of Attorney or too late to rebuke being power of attorney. Wouldn’t it make sense to act now? Wouldn’t it make sense to have your interests protected by the person or persons whom you have chosen and trust? This person or persons can be anyone really, most people appointed power of attorney are honest and trustworthy member or members of the family or a long term friend. We have also in some occasions became a person’s power of attorney.
Don’t forget if you are looking to rebuke being power of attorney as well as setting up a new living power of attorney the person or persons appointed will not be required to carry out any duties unless you become incapacitated or simply where you wish them to start acting on your behalf.

Rebuke being power of attorney – what is the first step

If you are looking to rebuke being power of attorney and are looking at another power of attorney lawyers to act for you or if you are looking at setting up a new power of attorney, book a consultation with our executry law team today.


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