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Looking for an Executry Lawyer?

If you live or commute anywhere in the UK we have a trusted, professional Family Law Firm close to you, they can give advice on a Living Trust, Will Writing, Power of Attorney, Guardianship Orders, Tax Inheritance or Estate Planning, we can help take away any Stress you may be feeling.


“I would like to send my thanks for your help and support following the sudden death of one of my siblings in Edinburgh. I needed to be appointed as Executor for the Estate which was also subject to Confirmation. I was unsure about Scottish law so I looked for a local Edinburgh Law firm to guide me through the legal formalities, which you did.”

“Just a quick thank you for being so helpful and accommodating for my parents in Newcastle. Your family lawyers helped ease some of the worry they were feeling. Your solicitors were very professional, patient and understanding.”

“My Father told me he is now greatly relieved that his affairs are at last in order, it has been his goal for a long time. I really appreciate the way your firm has dealt with matters so professionally and promptly. I will definitely use your services again if I need family law in Leeds,Thank you for your help.”

“Our whole family would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all your help steering us through the process of finalising mum’s estate. Finding a local law firm in Manchester who have been diligent and patient has been an absolute pleasure”.


Trusts in EdinburghAs a network of trust lawyers or trust solicitor, a question we often get asked is what is a trust? Quite simply a trust enables a person to hold assets (land and property, money and investments) for the benefit of another person which is usually a relative or very close friend or group of people and even let’s say a charity. It would be normal that one or more “trustees” are appointed to be legally responsible for this. As a network of Trust lawyers, we will make sure Trustees are appointed who will be responsible for ensuring that the wishes of the person are complied with.

Trust Lawyers – why set up a trust?

The most common reason for setting up a trust using trust lawyers such as ourselves is to help protect land, property, money, investments or indeed a company for someone who is too young to handle their own affairs, someone who would normally be under 18 who could benefit from a person’s assets when they reach a certain age.

Trust lawyers have also been known to set up trusts to protect a person’s assets from tax liability or from creditors. Included in any trust would normally mean a set of rules where the beneficiary of the trust would need to comply to in order to receive the benefit of the trust. We have also set up trusts which generate income from let’s say land, buildings and other property. If these were to be placed in trust the rental income which they generate would be held in trust which may generate dividends or interest. Whatever the case may be as trust lawyers network we are here to help both set up the trust and making sure the beneficiary (the person for whom the assets are held in trust. A trust can be for the benefit of a specifically named beneficiary, for a group of persons or for a class of people).

Executry Law in Elgin

Trust Lawyers – would I need a trustee?

At least one trustee would be needed and this can be a person or a company, trustees are the legal owners of the assets held in trust. A trustee can be a person or a company, but the individuals or companies who are appointed can change. The responsibilities of the trustees would normally be to deal with the trust’s assets always complying with the wishes of the person who has created the trust in matters such as investing the trust’s assets or otherwise generating income.

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We can advise you the best kind of Trust to choose.

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Will Writing

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Estate Planning

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