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Chances are you possibly organised a will with your first ever mortgage and never thought of it again, your personal circumstances have probably changed several times since then, however, have you updated your will to reflect a change in martial situation, dependants etc?

Our will writing service is easy to arrange, we will meet with you and take down a note of your wishes and how you want your goods and estate divided up when you pass over.  Families can be very complicated, children automatically have a right to your estate when you pass over, so it’s much easier for all concerned to have a legal document i.e. the will that you can all refer to as the last wishes.  There may be inheritance tax to take into consideration, or tax if the parent lives abroad.  Our executry lawyers are experienced to advise what will be the best way to divide any assets and arrange for sales of goods.

Legal Documents Made Simpler

Call us via our contact page, type in the town or city that is closest to you.  We will try to offer you an appointment that suits your diary.  We can tell you costs over the phone, but can drill down on detail when you meet with us, until that point, costs are approximate.  Getting a will drawn up is fairly simple, but it will require some reflection on your part to ensure you are treating yourself and others fairly, being true to what you want as opposed to following peer pressure.

Loved ones rely on us to be very clear in communication after you are gone, that is our job and we do this extremely well. One of the ways we get new clients is via recommendation, this is because we are professional, offer good advice and help to keep the trauma out of the aftermath if you have suddenly passed over.