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Looking for an Executry Lawyer?

If you live or commute anywhere in the UK we have a trusted, professional Family Law Firm close to you, they can give advice on a Living Trust, Will Writing, Power of Attorney, Guardianship Orders, Tax Inheritance or Estate Planning, we can help take away any Stress you may be feeling.


Searching for a will and probate lawyer in Cardiff? Looking for a wills and probate solicitor in Manchester? Our network of will writing solicitors can help.

will and probate lawyer

Will and probate lawyer UK

For expert legal advice on all aspects of Wills and Probate our will and probate lawyer network is here to help. All our UK family law firms offer a specialist Will and Probate service which puts the relevant legal framework into place. Our friendly and dedicated team of wills and probate solicitors, ensure that the will and probate lawyer handling your case is an expert in their field.

The main services we provide for our clients are:

Bespoke Will Drafting services, Probate and estate administration, Tax Planning and Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney services and Care Home Fees, Advice about Tenants in Common, Probate Disputes, Ordinary Powers of Attorney, Objecting to a registration of Power of Attorney, Inheritance Claims.

Will and probate lawyer – Have your Will drafted by our expert team of qualified wills and probate Solicitors. No matter the complexity of your estate, our professional team of wills and probate solicitors will be able to work with you to protect you and your family’s interests. Our dedicated, approachable and measured team of wills and probate solicitors will make the best use of your assets. We will help you plan carefully so you pay the minimum amount of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax ensuring your loved ones receive as much of the money as possible. We pride ourselves in crafting the Will to meet each individual’s particular needs.

Will and probate lawyer -Probate and estate administration services

When a close relative or friend dies it is stressful enough so the last thing you need is to be burdened with mountains of legal paperwork and administrative issues which are created by a death. Our UK wide network will instruct a will and probate lawyer who can help by managing the probate process and administering the estate on your behalf, whether a Will exists or not.

The probate process is a specialist area of family law which requires a team of wills and probate solicitors with legal expertise, our team has decades of experience in wills, probate and estate administration ensuring you and your loved ones receive exactly what you deserve. Our family law lawyer network has a great deal of experience dealing with disputes relating to Wills, Trusts and Estates. Our expertise covers all the problems that can arise following a death. In particular, we often deal with: Lack of mental capacity claims, Undue influence claims, Disagreements over the interpretation of a Will, Disputes between Executors, Trustees, and Beneficiaries, Claims against professional advisers, such as wills and probate Solicitors, for negligently preparing Wills or dealing with Estates and Trusts.

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